This week I have decided to write and research about Scotland. I have always wanted to visit Scotland and it has been a long time dream to tour around the beautiful country. As you can see I should just go visit the UK and do a road trip around the different countries because I have... Continue Reading →


It is always hard for me to choose just one country to write about in my blog but this week I chose to do Wales because I feel like it is a country that never gets as much recognition as it should. Although it is a small country it still has so much to offer.... Continue Reading →

I Googled Myself

It is honestly amazing what comes up when you Google yourself. To my pleasant surprise I was happy with what popped up. There were a lot of pictures that are definitely interesting but none of them are anything I am ashamed of. When I first Googled myself I put in my first and last name.... Continue Reading →

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is something I see forgotten quite often. Some might not fully understand what it means but from my research I have come up with the definition of: the process to self-monitor your habits to improve digital communities you enjoy being a part of. It seems like a lot of kids go online and... Continue Reading →

Writing in the Digital Age

In this day and age, education is moving consistently towards the use of technology rather than strictly pen and paper. This increase in the use of technology has shown to have both positive and negative impacts. From the readings, there appears to be more positive effects than negative related to writing in the digital age,... Continue Reading →

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