Australia and Kangaroos

This week, for my ILP I have decided on researching more about Australia. I have always wanted to go to Australia because I have met some people from there and they were always really nice and had the coolest accents. From pictures I have seen, Australia is a beautiful desert. Photo by: Pedro Szekely  ... Continue Reading →

Passion-Based Learning in the Classroom

If I am being honest, I had never hear of passion-based learning before reading through some articles and watching a few videos. After educating myself on the idea I have come to the conclusion that passion-based learning makes sense and I think that it would be a great thing to use in the classroom. Photo... Continue Reading →

The Views of Switzerland

For my virtual trip this week I chose to research about Switzerland. This has been a place to visit on my bucket list for years. Growing up I have seen so many beautiful pictures that truly take my breath away and I can't even image what it would feel like actually seeing it in person.... Continue Reading →

Creating Magic in the Classroom

For the TED Talk this week I chose to watch "Teach teachers how to create magic". I was a little skeptical about it at first because the speaker, Christopher Emdin, kept going on and on about teachers in training not really knowing what to do once they start teaching. As he was going through each... Continue Reading →

The Idea of Hackschooling

As I watched the Ted Talk video, Logan started out very first by saying that schools forget to teach about happiness. I was a bit taken back by this because I realized that this statement is true. I am sure that some teachers try to incorporate happiness and well-being into their schools but it is... Continue Reading →

Digital Literacy, Today.

Digital literacy can have a lot of different definitions but ultimately it depends on how in depth you go. In my opinion, digital literacy is the ability to seek information using technology to assess, create, and communicate information that requires intellectual and technical skills. Since technology is such a major part of our lives today,... Continue Reading →

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