Final Blog Audit

This semester has flown by. I can't believe we are already into finals week and finishing up our classes for this school year. I have really enjoyed writing the blogs over the past weeks and I hope that all of you have enjoyed reading them and maybe even learning a few things here and there.... Continue Reading →

Elephants in the Classroom

The article I read “9 Elephants in the (Class)Room That Should ‘Unsettle’ Us,” was really interesting. It really opened up my eyes on what to look for in the classroom. I think that as future teachers we need to remember that it won't always be easy and there are a lot of hardships we will... Continue Reading →

Activities as a Learner

This class so far has made me really get out of my normal comfort zone. I really had to push myself out onto the internet to learn about new technologies available to me as an educator. I had no idea there were so many different resources out there for us to use and so many... Continue Reading →

Digital Story

  I had to really research some sites that had the availability to make a digital story for free. I read an article that had a list of websites and that was helpful because I looked at quite a few sites before I picked one to make my story. The site I chose is called... Continue Reading →

Independent Learning Project

I am really happy with my topic for my independent learning project. I have always loved traveling and learning about places all over the world and how that is different from the United States. Finding the motivation to write my ILP blog was really easy. I looked forward to writing one each week and doing... Continue Reading →

Graphic Creations

This week I went a bit out of my comfort zone by creating a graphic/visual website that talks about my ILP (places to visit around the world). I have never done something like this before and honestly I didn't know that programs such as these existed. I read through a few articles before I chose... Continue Reading →

Inequality in the Digital Age

Technology has truly changed out lives in very dramatic ways. Once the world wide web came about even more changed and is still changing all the time today. We use technology in some way every day, especially since most of us have smartphones now that can do almost anything we need at our fingertips. It... Continue Reading →

A New Way of Storytelling

I have never really explored podcasts before this blog but after looking through everything available I think I might start to listen to those more. There are podcasts for every topic which makes it interesting and allows you to listen to whatever you may be feeling at the time. Specifically, I looked at teaching podcasts... Continue Reading →


This week I have decided to write and research about Scotland. I have always wanted to visit Scotland and it has been a long time dream to tour around the beautiful country. As you can see I should just go visit the UK and do a road trip around the different countries because I have... Continue Reading →

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